Cooking Classes
Day Hiking
Yoga classes
Visit to the olive press
Visit to the cheese making shepherd
Italian language classes
Horseback riding
Length: 3 hours return.
This is your chance to experience fully the Abruzzi National Park, Latium slope, this area of high environmental value offers an amazing fauna; among the most peculiar the wolf, the deer, the Abruzzi chamois, the golden eagle and the Marcican bear – a unique endangered native bear that lives just in the Abruzzi area. We will drive up to Pescosolido and start the hike from there.
We will make it to the Lacerno valley and to reach the waterfall and in the last part of the hike we will canyon along the gorge. If you are brave enough bring your bathing suit and try the freezing water it will be really refreshing.

Overnight Hiking
P. S.
you will need a pair of comfortable shoes. Be aware that if you are out of practice or not used to these kind of activities you can find it really hard. You need to be enthusiastic. Bring 1 litres of water per person.

Price per person
Two people: €16
Three person:€ 14
From three people and bigger: €11