Cooking Classes
Day Hiking
Yoga classes
Visit to the olive press
Visit to the cheese making shepherd
Italian language classes
Horseback riding
Lengh: 4 hours each way
This is your chance to enjoy the Abruzzi Park mountains at night. We will leave in the afternoon and arrive at the hut at 1900 metres above sea level before it gets dark. Once we get there, we will make a fire and barbecue fresh produce from the farm, and if the sky is clear we will enjoy a beautiful starlit sky from one of the highest Appenine mountains. We will stay in a traditional mountain hut and leave the next morning after the sunrise.
Overnight Hiking
P. S.
You need to be in good shape and enthusiastic !
You need a pair of comfortable hiking shoes. Make sure you bring warm clothes, it can get cold, especially at night. Bring enough water, we recommend one litre and a half per person.

Minimum two people (food included)
Two people: €70
Three people & up: €48