Price per person:
One person : € 13
Two people:€ 8
From three people and bigger: € 7

Cooking Classes
Yoga classes
Visit to the olive press
Visit to the cheese making shepherd
Italian language classes
Horseback riding
Overnight Hiking
Day Hiking
This is your chance to slow down and relax while in Italy. If you have never taken a Yoga class this is the place to start. The class can be arranged at different times during the day. Mauro, the instructor, has been teaching Yoga for 25 years. He teaches the class slowly, placing emphasis on proper breathing techniques that allow for full relaxation. The class is held in Waterfall Park located on the lower portion of the farm. The atmosphere provides a serene setting with the oak, acacia and willow trees blowing, the birds and the local cicada humming in the background. Unwind mind, body and soul to better the rest of the day.